Punch above your weight… be a sponge. A small business is exactly that: small. So with limited resources, how do you make sure that you have the expertise you need to make your business a success?

We’ve seen a lot of small business success, and often a trusted mentor is in the background, helping to steer the ship. Here are three of our top reasons why having a trusted mentor is essential for small business.

1. Struggling to ‘see the wood from the trees’?

A mentor brings with them experience and perspective. They take a good hard look at your business and help you ask the right questions. And that’s the key starting point – taking a critical look at your business from a wide perspective; or in a nutshell stepping out of your shoes and into someone else’s.

Of course, when you’re barring all, you need to feel comfortable. So the person or people you choose to hash out issues and opportunities with not only need to have good experience, you need to trust them. There’s no point in having a mentor and holding back – whether about the facts and data or how you’re feeling about your business. Most of what goes right and wrong in business is down to how we handle situations after all.

Get the relationship right, and overnight you’ll have an expert set of ears to navigate difficult problems with and see the path to realising opportunities clearly.

2. Are you failing to get connected?

Good mentors and advisers come with a wide network, as well as experience in how to create strong connections with the right contacts for your business. You will be able to tap into this for services, expertise, and recruitment. Bottom line: it saves you time and increases the value of your network by talking with people who have been pre-qualified by someone you trust.

3. Would you like to really grow?

Growing your business is not just about the bottom line, it’s also about growing your own skills and knowledge. If you’re up for a challenge, a good mentor will put you through the paces to critique your skills and help you continually develop in areas that will deliver the goals you have in mind. We never stop learning as the saying goes.

Informal or formal. One mentor or a group of experts across a range of skills. However you choose to structure your well of wisdom, getting different perspectives and gleaning experience from others just makes good business sense. And as there’s no time like the present. We have a wide network of skilled business contacts; and we’d be happy to put you in touch with someone to get the ball rolling. Click here.

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