Crediflex specialises in Commercial Finance Brokerage and works closely with clients of varying sizes: providing solutions for all their finance needs. They have been operating for over 10 years and have been working with Fifo Capital for a while now. But Stuart Aitken, a Crediflex Partner since August 2011, has just recently started working with Fifo Capital. And it has definitely been the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Stuart tells us how it began.

“In this instance we had a real need to arrange finance quickly for a client. We found out at a late stage in an order that the supplier wouldn’t accept a letter of credit. We needed to get the money very quickly: it just had to be done. And it got done. Fifo Capital made it happen.

This client is a start up business but they had a considerable history in the industry, so as far as Fifo Capital were concerned they didn’t have an issue with doing it. I just had to confirm we had funding in place here. There was some paperwork to sort out and some conditions to meet but we sorted all of that. I expect Fifo Capital will be doing more work for that client yet. It was the first time I had to deal with them and they were good: at a drop of a hat I would use them again.”

Stuart is so sure he would use them again he even has a couple more clients that he has already identified as likely to benefit from the Fifo Capital products. So what does Fifo Capital do that is different from the rest?

“My experience of working with Fifo Capital has been brilliant. It’s a great product for dealing with tight timeframe issues and clients who don’t want a long-term finance facility. And for people who want to bring gear in from overseas and have to pay for it upfront. The mere fact of the turnaround sets Fifo Capital apart. I feel confident that they will deliver fast and work well for my clients.”

With fast turnarounds, good service and a product that meets the needs of some very important clients: its certain that the future looks bright for Fifo Capital and Crediflex.