Hardy Building is a construction company based in Cambridge in the Waikato. It’s a new business and is facing huge growth. We talked to Company Director, Simon Hardy, about how working with Fifo Capital has helped his company on the road to success.Hardy Building 380

“We’ve been in this business for a year and we’ve progressed about three years of work in one year. So we’ve progressed very fast which is why we needed to use Fifo Capital. When there’s been cash flow shortfall, using Fifo Capital allowed us to get ahead and grow at the same time.”

“It’s working wonders really. We can pay staff on time, suppliers on time. Without it we wouldn’t be where we are today. We have to pay our bills on the 20th of the month and if we don’t, we don’t get our discount from our suppliers which can cost us thousands. So to be profitable we need to pay those bills on time. And that’s where Fifo Capital comes in. Business is booming – it’s going good.”

Simon acknowledges that Fifo Capital has offered great support to his business: not just through their products but also through their service.

“Fifo Capital is brilliant. When I first contacted them I was working long hours, so communication was quite hard but I managed to get everything through to them. Fifo Capital called me back even though it was after five one night – which was quite a good surprise – and elected to meet me on site, to come out and actually see me, which was a great help as well because I didn’t have to actually leave the job. Brilliant – they really know their stuff.”

With the combination of a great business and the support of Fifo Capital: we asked Simon what does he think the future has in store for Hardy Building?

“In the next couple of years we are looking to double in size again. We’re looking at boosting our production to get more money in to buy more vehicles and equipment. And that’s where Fifo Capital comes in because we know we’ll be able to pay our bills on time and not worry. They know what we want and they know how to help: it’s a whole package. I’ve already recommended them to a few other businesses.”

Hardy Building has benefited from working in partnership with Fifo Capital: finding solutions together to support their needs. The results have been great growth, a bright future, and a success story that might just inspire other people to consider working with Fifo Capital too.