Unsteady “lumpy” cash flow isn’t just frustrating, it can stunt the growth of your business, or even force you to close your doors entirely.  Business finance services, like those from Fifo Capital, offer solutions to help you overcome financial barriers and stay on track.

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Quick takeaways if you’re in a hurry

  • Small Businesses often don’t have the financial bandwidth to tolerate late payments or seasonal fluctuations in revenue without suffering slowed growth or worse.
  • Fifo Capital can help you smooth out “lumpy cash flow”, using a variety of tools from invoice financing, to customer payment plans, to stock loans, so you can rely on having the funds you need to sustain daily operations and steady growth.
  • Partnering with a business finance company like Fifo Capital frees up time and focus that you can now spend on improving and growing your business instead of worrying about that next big payment.

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Steady cash flow is vital

Getting paid on time isn’t optional for a small or medium sized business, and figuring out how to ensure that cash flow is steady is a challenge that businesses all over the world wrestle with on a daily basis. Waiting for a client to finally pay a late invoice, and eventually being forced to go to court, or to use a debt collections agency isn’t just expensive, it’s time consuming and distracting. Moreover, it can have serious effects on your company’s future.

Not being paid on time can mean falling behind on your own payments, being unable to procure the stock you need to operate, or missing important growth opportunities for your business. More significantly, not knowing how much money you’ll have next month means not being able to make well-informed decisions for your business’ future. If you can’t plan effectively for the future, you’ll never be able to fully realise your potential.

Your customers suffer from the same problem

On the other end of things, large lump-sum payments are difficult to produce for customers. Often, your customers are facing the same issues as you are with late payments from their own customers, which makes it difficult for them to commit to and deliver large payments.

This unreliability in their finances places a financial strain on customers that translates to fewer sales in general, and late payments on those sales that are made. The unsteady flow of cash creates insecurity along the entire chain of production. Fortunately, we can help you stabilise the flow, so that you aren’t forced to constantly wrestle with these types of financial uncertainties.

Steadying your cash flow

At Fifo Capital, we offer personalised support and solutions to equip your business to offset the natural variability in your cash flow, to help you stabilise your business’ finances. Among others, these solutions include:

Invoice Financing- We’ll pay you for your unpaid invoices, and pursue payment from your customer on our own. That means you’ll have the cash you need in hand immediately, and the customer settles the debt with us later.

Customer Payment Plans- To help you improve sales, and to avoid the issue of late payments entirely, we’ll help you set up a payment plan option for your customers. After their purchase, we’ll immediately issue the payment to you in full, while the customer pays us over the agreed upon timeframe.

Stock Loans- If you’re missing out on sales because you can’t front the investment needed to acquire the necessary stock, just chat with your finance partner who may be able to issue a stock loan of up to 100% of the purchase value.

Building on reliability

Fifo Capital isn’t a bank or a collections agency, rather, we’re committed to helping you develop your business’ finances to ensure your long-term success. Because of that you’ll have a single dedicated expert as your contact with us, who can work with you to find solutions to the specific challenges that you and your business face.

Once your cash flow is stabilised, you’ll be able to focus on achievement. That means tackling bigger-picture concerns, including long-term growth strategies, process improvements, training, and product development. Having the time and financial security to not only think and plan for, but to actively implement your ideas in a systematic way gives you an immense competitive advantage over other businesses that don’t have proper control over their finances.

Two heads are better than one, and our years of experience in providing support for a vast array of small and medium businesses has supplied us with the know-how and expertise needed to offer reliable financial solutions to help you realise your goals. We can be there, every step of the way to help you and your business make the most of every opportunity. That’s the tangible benefit of partnering with an experienced, business-focused finance company like Fifo Capital.