Fifo Capital uses a combination of experience and great products to deliver great cash flow solutions across different industry sectors. Invoice finance is a flexible funding option that can be adapted to a variety of situations and challenges, and with Fifo Capital it’s fast too – because you deal directly with the decision maker. So what benefits can it offer different industries?

Invoice Finance and industry needs

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Fifo Capital are experts in Import Finance. That means we know the importance of delivering quick funding support so that you can keep your goods on the move. And we’re flexible because we understand that your needs can change at any moment.

Invoice finance can help you with:

  • Funding the deposit only or full cost of manufacture through to landing goods in New Zealand
  • Ensuring stock availability for existing orders
  • Funding deposits and/or meeting payment terms
  • Managing the cost of Customs duty and GST
  • Taking advantage of an unforeseen stock or sales opportunity.


Fifo Capital knows the Earthmoving industry. We understand how important it is to get fast access to cash so that you can grab new opportunities while they last. You can rely on fast service from us because we know that long lead times and slow paying customers can leave you low on cash.

You can use invoice finance to:

  • Support the day to day running of your business
  • Buy new materials for the next job
  • Access the funds you need to take on a new contract
  • Deal with unexpected maintenance or repair costs

Concreting Contractors

Fifo Capital understands the challenges that Concreting Contractors face. The combination of long payment terms from your customers and tight credit terms or cash on demand requirements from your suppliers can leave cash thin on the ground. It’s not easy to access funds to pay for the raw materials and equipment your business needs to operate and grow. That’s where Fifo Capital can help.

Invoice finance is a great solution if you need to:

  • Manage the day to day cost of running of your business
  • Buy new concrete or service equipment for the next job
  • Buy new equipment or materials to take on a new contract
  • Deal with unexpected maintenance or repair costs

Labour Hire

Fifo Capital recognises the cash flow challenges faced by the labour hire industry. The ongoing cost of paying for labour rarely aligns with the payments received from customers, and the result is a delicate balancing act that is easily toppled. If you need help to smooth the peaks and troughs of your cash flow, Fifo Capital can help.

Choose invoice finance if you:

  • Need cash to support your day to day operating costs
  • Need to bridge the gap between paying staff and contractor salaries and receiving payment from clients
  • Take on new contracts with the confidence that your cash flow will meet salary obligations
  • Build appropriate margins into the cost of service, accounting for the timing between payables and receivable


At Fifo Capital, we understand what’s important to companies working in transportation. That’s why we’ve designed our products to make it possible for you to finance your business whether you are in an office or driving a truck. You deal directly with the decision maker and enjoy fast turnarounds with the minimum of paperwork. That means you can be confident that if a cash flow issue arises, Fifo Capital will be quick to provide a solution.

Invoice finance is flexible enough to:

  • Keep the wheels turning, confident that your cash flow can support operational costs – fuel, vehicle maintenance etc.– while waiting for payment from clients
  • Deal with unexpected costs fast – such as vehicle repair – minimising disruption to operations
  • Take on new contracts, confident that your cash flow can support the delay between operational cost and receiving payment.


The manufacturing industry has a unique set of cash flow challenges. The experience we’ve gained from working with businesses in this industry means that Fifo Capital understands the importance of moving fast to help you control margins and grab opportunities before someone else does.

With Fifo Capital you can find a funding solution to:

  • Manage the gap between upfront costs – materials, equipment, specialist contractors etc. – of new contracts and receiving progress or full payment.
  • Have the funds available to secure early payment or volume discounts from suppliers
  • Take on new contracts with the confidence that your cash flow can support deliverables on time
  • Build in appropriate margins to support your manufacturing process and growth.

Consulting Services

If you work in Consulting Services then you know that managing day to day costs whilst juggling the challenge of growing your business can put a real strain on your cash flow. At Fifo Capital we understand how your business works, and we can help you maintain your cash flow while reaching for that next opportunity.

Invoice finance can help your business to:

  • Bridge the gap between short payment terms of suppliers and receiving payment from clients
  • Take on time intensive projects with longer payment cycles while comfortably managing operational cash flow needs
  • Build appropriate margins into your cost of service to support cash flow and growth.


Fifo Capital understands the wholesale industry, so we know that protecting your margins is key. That means that you need to be able to move fast and seize opportunities as they arise, and you need to be able to rely on access to funds when you need them to ensure that your suppliers are paid on time.

With Fifo Capital invoice finance your business can:

  • Access funding fast to secure supplier discounts or optimum pricing – maximise margins
  • Finance your growth by being able to move fast when opportunities arise
  • Maximise margins throughout the wholesale process from purchase to pricing to optimise stock performance.

About Fifo Capital

logoYou can rely on Fifo Capital. Each of our clients enjoy 1:1 support from Business Partners who take the time to understand your business and be available when you need them. We have a proven track record of supporting businesses like yours and we’ve designed our products based on your needs. You can find out more about Fifo Capital’s invoice finance service here.