Seasonal businesses perhaps know the meaning of the phrase ‘lumpy cash flow’ better than any other business. Add to that, the cost of importing high-end goods from Europe and you have the makings of a pretty tight cash flow situation, especially for a relatively new business. A Fifo Capital customer – an importer and distributor of high-end recreational sporting goods – needed options to capitalise on current opportunities to grow.

While a strong business and brand operating for five years with a steadily growing cash flow base, the cost of financing large orders for the period of time between transit and customer payment was problematic.

“Going into the season there are some heavy cash flow requirements on the business – especially as we are focused on the high-end brands, which obviously come with a higher price tag.”

“Stock Finance plays a big role in alleviating cash flow issues and means we can focus on selling our brands leading into the season without worrying about financial pressures. We can grow rather than concentrating on internal processes.”

As with many customer experiences when using Fifo Capital for Stock Finance, the benefits are much greater than monetary.

“Garrick and Fifo Capital have been really helpful and importantly totally open. Garrick has shared his expertise and experience in cash flow forecasting; the tricky bits about currency exchange and the detail about how Stock Finance works.”

“He’s been really professional and transparent about his service and always willing to give his time.”

With the Stock Finance facility in place, Fifo’s customer can look forward to a season of growth and realise plans to establish the business as the No.1 brand in the industry.