If you’re in business, it’s essential to build good relations with companies providing financial resources. Financiers play a pivotal role in the operations and success of most businesses. So building a good financial relationship will give you fast access to business finance solutions and available working capital to help the long-term stability and growth of your business.

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Building a good finance relationship with a reputable financier who has in-depth business experience, know-how and on-the-ground resources to meet your needs, prior to actually needing them makes sense. Because when you need them most they’ll be aware of your business, its goals and have less paperwork for you to deal with come crunch time.

Analysing company data before extending credit can be a time-consuming process, and building a relationship on top of requiring something from the other party only increases stress levels. Who needs that?  With a good relationship already established you can focus on the needs of your business.

Your objectives for a relationship-driven business should include:

  • Getting to know the financier early before assistance is required
  • Establishing rapport and mutual confidence
  • Precise determination of business financial needs
  • Conducting all business affairs in a professional manner
  • Keeping the financier regularly informed on progress and developments.

Why you should seek the right kind of relationship

Many factors determine the success of any relationship but the compatibility of partners is one key component. Sometimes you’re in need a service that provides quick reliable financial expertise, tailored to your specific business needs, and without worrying about additional fees and delays. The best way to achieve this is to enter into a one-on-one relationship that is personable, and where you have a dedicated expert available to you when you need assistance. They’ll work with you to address your concerns and deliver your desired outcomes.

Fifo Capital, which is a well-established and trusted provider, could be one such solution. Whether it’s taking you through a step-by-step application process or providing the best advice and solutions in a fast and professional manner, you need a leading business finance solutions provider who lives and breathes business and is ready to offer support.

The benefits of building a business finance relationship

Aside from assessing the business related strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats, a good business-financier relationship ensures that you:

  • Understand what financing options best suit your business
  • Are aware of the merits and consequences of the various financing options and opportunities available to your business
  • Don’t miss out on opportunities because of a lack of foresight, oversight, cash or credit
  • Don’t fall behind or miss vital payments
  • Experience sustainable growth
  • Develop a relationship with the financier, getting them involved with your planning, asking their advice and sharing your vision
  • Maintain a good working relationship with your financier based on trust and credibility.

What do you risk by not having a good relationship with a business financier?

Without a close and trusted business financier relationship, it’s difficult to have your specific needs identified and addressed, as well as receive solutions specific to your challenges. Your relationships take many forms and some businesses may be concerned that a business financier relationship will cause alarm among their customers.

For example, in the case of invoice financing, some people fear that this may be interpreted as a sign that they are experiencing financial difficulties, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. People understand that nobody enjoys chasing payments. When choosing a business financier, look for one like Fifo Capital, who understands that a good working relationship is the foundation of good, ongoing business, so they ensure healthy relationships are maintained with everyone’s best interests at heart.

Also as trends change it’s hard to stay in the loop with developments that may affect your finances, so having a credible source of advice is critical. Working hand-in-hand with an adviser who knows exactly what you’re looking for can ensure you’re able to shift with the market accordingly and avoid risk.

When to start forming a business relationship with a financier

There’s no time like the present. Getting your ducks in a row now can pay off in future. Look for a financier that has experience dealing with many industries. This experience brings all kinds of beneficial knowledge to the table. An expert business financier will be able to quickly understand your challenges, as well as opportunities, to then make sound business finance recommendations.

It’s also important to note that there’s a link between the closeness of your relationship and the commitment of your financier to your needs. With mutual respect and trust you’ll form a strong relationship and get access to timely support and significant marketplace opportunities.

So if your business ambition is serious growth, getting a quality business financier on side is an invaluable exercise. Market leaders Fifo Capital have a great desire to see their clients succeed and proactively assists them whenever possible. You’ll have access to on-on-one expertise because they value the importance of a relationship-driven business.