If you work in the import industry then you know that finance is never as straightforward as ABC. Things change, costs change, needs grow or reduce, and all of this impacts your finance choices and the amount that they will cost your business. So if you work in imports and you’re looking for finance, we think you should talk to us. We’ve got the right products along with speed and flexibility on our side. And most importantly you can enjoy 1:1 service that allows you to react quickly to a change in circumstance and ensures we do everything we can to help you keep your costs down. Interested? Read on to find out more about where import finance can help you.

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At Fifo Capital we have supported many businesses who work in the import industry. So we know that your import finance needs can be grouped into four categories:

1. Placing an order – you need a deposit to secure your order.

You may already have the deposit needed to place your order with your supplier, but if not talk to us about our finance options and how we can help you raise funds. We’ll be keen to sit down with you and get some understanding about your business, your areas of expertise, and how you plan to use the goods once you get them into New Zealand. Your Fifo Capital Business Partner will also want to explain to you how your preferred form of finance works, and how you can keep the costs at a minimum as you bring the goods into New Zealand.

2. Order completion – payment for the goods and shipping.

This is such an exciting phase. Your goods have been produced and now you need to pay the supplier for them so you can bring them into New Zealand and realise those sales that you’ve been planning. You’ll also have the cost of insuring your goods while they’re in transit. Our Import Finance is specially designed to help you manage the cost of purchasing your goods until you get them into New Zealand. Ask a Fifo Capital Business Partner to talk you through the details today.

3. Import costs – GST bills and import duty costs.

It’s important not to forget the Customs cost of bringing goods into New Zealand, so we’ll be happy to talk to you about how one of our finance options can make sure that you have the cash you need available when you need it.

4. Settlement – the goods have arrived, domestic finance can take over.

Once your goods have landed and passed through Customs, it’s time to get selling and get any loans you have taken out paid off as quickly as you can. Our Business Partners will be happy to help you understand the cost of borrowing so that you can manage your numbers and make sure you maximise your profitability by creating and following through with a robust sales plan. Once landed you may choose to transfer the funding of your stock to more traditional asset-based finance or you may find your bank is able to support your borrowing once your stock has arrived in New Zealand. We’ll be happy to discuss your options with you so that you can understand how Fifo Capital can support your business.

Your cash flow is in good hands

From ordering through to receiving your goods, and then beyond as goods are sold: the import process is not fast and if you don’t plan it carefully it could end up being costly. That’s why you should call Fifo Capital. Because when you borrow money with Fifo Capital, you work directly with the decision maker: a business finance expert who understands your business and your unique needs and situation.

When everything can change overnight, you need to be able to contact the right person and rest assured that you will receive a fast response to your enquiry. So we’ve made sure we are always available and fast to respond. When you need to speak to your Business Partner you can call them on their mobile. You’ll know them by name, and they’ll know you too – because they will have invested time in getting to know your business so that they can help you manage your cash flow as effectively as possible. Our Business Partners know that margins can be narrow and will work with you to structure the best finance solutions possible to ensure you can drive the profitability of every order that you place.

Introducing Fifo Capital

logoImporting is all about seizing the opportunities and being prepared for the challenges. When you choose import finance with Fifo Capital, you are choosing fast, responsive service and the comfort of knowing who you are dealing with whenever you need to call. If you’d like to speak to a Business Partner today to find out more about our expertise, our service or our products – contact us here today.