The moment when your business moves from being a single operation into a team is a defining one. We share our thoughts on growing your team.

Growing your team

Quick takeaways if you’re in a hurry

  • Make sure you have access to a lawyer, an accountant and a banker. You need their skills to support your business requirements
  • Recruit people who recognise your ideas with enthusiasm and embrace your company culture
  • Set up a support infrastructure with mentors and advisors who complement your business and skill set – being able to canvas multiple opinions is key.

Read on: Tips on growing your team as your business grows

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If you’ve got a great idea and you’re ready to turn it into a winning company, you may be wondering who you need to get onboard to join you on the journey. Here’s our simple guide to growing your team in a way that will set you up for business success.

You’re going to be looking for two kinds of support to get you where you need to go. Support for delivery and support for you. Firstly let’s looks at your business team and how they can help you and your company deliver and turn your idea into reality.

The right enthusiasm

In the beginning we recommend that your lead with your idea and look for enthusiasm. If you meet someone that you want to get onboard your team, but they fail to show excitement about your project: move on.

You can apply the same principle to the way that you do business. Every business owner has some key things that they want to embrace in their company culture when they set up their own business. Your team are a key part of bringing that culture to life so if someone doesn’t like your ideas for how you want your business to run, don’t proceed their application past the interview.

Matching skills to your needs

One of the best ways to identify the team you need to get onboard is to take a frank look at your own skillset and the industry in which you plan to establish your offering. Then you can focus your recruitment on the areas where you see a skill shortage.

This doesn’t have to involve direct employment: partnership with businesses who can provide the right skills can be used if you want to keep your headcount down. The important thing is to appreciate what you can do well, and recruit where you can’t.

You also need to consider volume of work required to get your business to where you want it to be. If your requirements are driven by a sheer scale of workload, look for a generalist who can support multiple functions across your business, and won’t be scared to get their hands dirty. With a small team you will find that people who are able to work outside their core skill set and across multiple functions are invaluable.

Core functions you can’t live without

Whether through employment or partnership, make sure you engage the services of a good accountant, banker and lawyer. This will be fundamental to ensuring your company is protected, viable and financially supported.

Each of these areas require a very specific skill set and failing to recognise that will open your business up to risks. It’s possible to bluff your way in marketing but essential to seek out informed legal advice if you need it.

An infrastructure of support

As well as creating a team for your business you should put some thought into the support that you need for yourself. Plan to recruit a team of advisers and experts who can guide you on the journey towards the success of your business. Check out our blogs on mentors and networking to find out more about how to choose people who will compliment your business and your skill set.

Many experts believe that the success of a small business lies in the team of people who are at its core. Your people will both define your culture and bring your business dreams into a reality. So it’s definitely worth investing some time in choosing the right people to support you. Then you can enjoy working with your team to navigate your company towards its future success.

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