Declan Devlin

Northern Ireland
I own, operate and am responsible for the growth and development of Fifo Capital UK since October 2016. The head office of Fifo Capital UK is based in Omagh, County Tyrone in Northern Ireland.
Currently I build relationships with individuals that would like to become a part of the Fifo Capital UK Business Partners network.
Our team of Business Partners assists businesses in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales by providing short term single invoice finance for small, medium and large businesses.

How I’ve helped and thoughts from the desk

How we help

At Fifo Capital we can make cash available to businesses and provide flexible payment options. The process is simple, quick and does not require any approval from your banker. In fact existing clients can have working capital within 24 hours.
Fifo Capital has fast become one of the UK’s leading alternative funding solutions for SMEs. This is a result of providing our customers with one of the fastest and most flexible funding solutions on the market.
Some of the many benefits to you the business owner are:
  • Immediate cash advance for your invoices
  • We don’t take security over mortgages
  • Quick decisions – between 24 and 48 hours for first time funding and as little as two hours for subsequent transactions
  • Completely flexible – choose the invoice(s) you wish to sell – or to stop using our services
  • Does not affect current or planned borrowing from Lenders
  • No minimum business turnover requirements or concentration limits
  • No long term contracts.