Starting a business comes with many challenges, not the least of which is the amazing diversity of skills required to set up and run a business effectively. Startups need to be able to sell themselves and their business to customers and investors, hire personnel, set up operations, manage logistics, and manage their finances. Given the tight budgets that startups are often forced to work with, entrepreneurs often find themselves tackling a lot of these tasks personally.

Debtor financing, New Zealand

At Fifo Capital, we specialise in working with startups and small and medium sized enterprises. We know the challenges that entrepreneurs face, and we’re here to offer our financial expertise to help you make your business a success.

We build a 1:1 relationship with every client

Fifo Capital puts you in touch with a dedicated representative, who works with you to get a full 360 degree look at your operations. They know who you are and what your needs are, and they can help you make financial decisions that benefit you and your business.

Investing in your success

We work primarily with small and medium sized enterprises, and rely on them for our success as a financial institution. Because of this, we work hard to provide the support and advice you need to make credit choices that work for your business. By helping you grow and succeed in both the short and long term, we benefit both you and ourselves.

We go through applications with you

Piles of endless dense paperwork are an enormous hassle for every business owner. However, it’s critical for entrepreneurs to fully understand how their financing options work, and what the terms of any agreements they make are. To solve this problem, we go through your application procedure with you to provide a hassle free experience. Not only does that save you time and make applications much easier to process, it’s also a way for us to ensure that business owners have all the tools they need to make fully informed decisions for their business.

Our representatives are more than happy to explain how any type of loan or financing tool works, and in what circumstances they’re likely to be effective solutions. This additional support is just one more way that we work to support our clients’ success.

We offer specialised financing options

Besides getting more personalised service, you can expect that different types of financing at Fifo Capital are also going to work a bit differently than the services that you’re used to. Because SMEs and startups have different needs than larger enterprises, we’ve modified our services to cater to your needs.

Flexible invoice financing

Traditionally, invoice financing is an all-or-nothing service where you agree to have all of your invoices financed for a set period of time (often a year). For big businesses, this works because they don’t want to micromanage their accounts and don’t want to deal with collecting overdue payments personally. Small businesses, however, can benefit from this type of financing in another way, which is one reason that your regular bank might well send you our way…

With Fifo, you can choose to finance one, a handful, or all of your invoices as needed at any given time. This way you can finance invoices when you’re dealing with a cash flow disruption to give yourself an advance on an incoming client payment.

Fast access to loans

Business loans, stock loans, and other financing applications can normally take weeks or months to approve. If you’re in a hurry, this can pose a significant problem. Fortunately, it simply isn’t an issue at Fifo Capital. We process applications in 24 hours or less, so that you can get access to the funds you need right when you need them. Moreover, we offer business loans as small as just $5,000 up to $250,000. This makes us the perfect choice for smaller businesses.

Foreign exchange services

Traditionally, transferring and exchanging money across borders can come with some hefty fees. That’s because, besides earning a profit, your agent needs to offset the risk of losing money due to momentary fluctuations in exchange rates. Fifo Capital is partnered with a specialised exchange service, HiFX, who charges very low or no fees for international money transfers and exchange. They don’t work like traditional transfer services, because they actually earn their income on the currency exchange market itself, rather than from any transfer fees.

Fifo Capital is designed to level the playing field for small business owners by offering access to the same kind of expert financial support that larger and more established businesses have. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can facilitate your startup’s success!