When you choose alternative finance solutions for your clients, we know you’re looking for the best.

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Quick takeaways if you’re in a hurry

  • Fifo Capital offers you the chance to recommend the best finance solutions to your client, coupled with 1:1 service and relationship focused expertise
  • When your client starts working with Fifo Capital, we dedicate time to keeping you informed of what’s happening: adding value to your relationship
  • Fifo Capital can set up a standby facility, allowing your client to plan for tomorrow’s problems today. This offers clients peace of mind and the security of knowing they can access cash fast if they need it.

Read on: Finance solutions: Benefit from expertise and understanding

Fifo Capital specialises in offering clients a smart range of alternative business finance solutions. But if we were asked to choose the best thing about working with a Fifo Capital Business Partner, it would be a close race between fast action on immediate needs, and our relationship focused expertise.

Working in partnership

As a professional looking for a solution for your client, we’d say you want to be sure of two things: 1. Confidence that your client will be dealing with an expert – in both finance and client experience; and 2. that we’ll work in partnership with you to provide the best solution – keeping you across the detail and referring to your knowledge of the client to build the best outcome.

Fifo Capital Business Partners have years of experience offering finance solutions to businesses across a wide range of industries. We can help both you and your clients understand the kinds of cash flow problems that they might face, and the solutions available for dealing with them.

We believe in providing one-to-one service, and working in partnership with businesses and with the professionals who ask us to take a look. In our experience, a single point of contact, readily available with finance expertise makes a powerful difference to clients – ours and yours.

The short and long of it

We’re very adept at finding a solution for an immediate need – whether due to late debtors, an opportunity at risk due to limited capital or other short term cash flow challenges. But we can add an even more powerful difference to business success, when our services expertise and solutions are put to work in a planning capacity.

For any small to medium business, it makes sense to plan ahead and assess all the options for business performance. We can give new and growing businesses the edge for success by helping them to understand the options available and how to integrate those into their forward planning and business model.

Great products that offer fast access to cash

When working on solutions with you and your clients, Fifo Capital will help your client to find the right product to match their specific need. Whether they choose to access cash that is locked up in invoices with invoice finance, or they choose a short term business loan, your clients can quickly get hold of the finance they need.

Fifo Capital Business Partners are experts in understanding the complexities of security. We know it’s important to provide short term solutions that don’t get in the way of long term finance agreements. We find flexible ways of structuring security to get your client the cash they need today.

Looking forward

Fifo Capital also offers clients the ability to set up a standby facility. This ensures that businesses are prepared for the challenges outside their control, that have the potential to disrupt or damage business by draining their cash flow reserves.

These can range from security issues through to insolvent customers or even opportunities for growth that traditional lenders cannot support.

A standby facility works like a pre-application, and ensures that Fifo Capital has everything it needs to provide funding should a cash flow shortage occur. It allows the client the opportunity to understand the products available and choose the solution best suited to their business.

Finance is set up but not accessed until the business needs it. There’s no charge and your client benefits from knowing they can quickly access cash if the need arises.

If any of your clients could benefit from a 360 look at their arrangements and the tools available to realise business potential, we’d welcome the opportunity to work with you.

At Fifo Capital we believe that a finance product is only part of the solution: the best results come when we take the time to understand a business in detail. Working in partnership with our referral partners is an essential ingredient in helping clients succeed.

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